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Samuel P. Grenier

Age: 24

Job: Bored video store clerk

Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs

Samuel is a 24-year-old artist who works in a video store at night, and tries to do as little as possible the rest of the time. What he lacks in motivation, Sam makes up for it in genuine friendliness. A Utown native, he had a rough upbringing and dropped out of art school before knowing what to do with his undeniable talent in painting and drawing. He spent his early twenties doing odd-jobs and making questionable life decisions, which ultimately led him to live in the Milton building. Sam is always, always down for another drink.

Edwin Bristow

Age: 16

Job(s): Busboy at the Belmont Deli and backstore clerk at the local grocery store.

Favorite food: Chicken pot pie

Newly arrived in Utown, 16-years-old Edwin is a high-school student who’s found refuge in the Milton Building after running away from his group home. Sam took him in and the two became the most unlikely roommates. Deservingly still referred to as “the kid”, Edwin is an anxious, mild-mannered and sensitive teen who desperately craves love and validation. Cooking for others is how he shows he cares–sometimes to a fault.

Thomas Courveignes

Age: 24

Job: Mechanics 

Favorite food: Ramen soup

Thomas is Sam’s long time childhood friend. They were partners in crime throughout high school but after college, it became clear that they weren’t heading for the same kind of future. Despite their growing differences, Thom always tried to keep an eye on his increasingly erratic friend and prevent him from making (more) stupid mistakes. Even if he’s deeply attached to his neighborhood, Thomas is ready to move on.

Étienne Darbesson

Age: 28

Job: Owner of the Echo Room

Favorite food: Salade niçoise

It was never Étienne’s idea to open a coffee shop in the roughest neighborhood in the city. But like so many other young entrepreneurs, he got wind of Utown being the next hip place to be and decided to try this crazy venture. A few weeks, many broken windows and anti-gentrification graffiti later, it looks like the Echo Room Café is here to stay, along with Étienne. Some say they even started seeing him smile at customers…

Josie F. Keller

Age: 22

Job: Thrift store clerk

Favorite food: Anything that contains ice cream

Josie is back in Utown after having moved away for a year. The reason of this sudden departure involved Sam, her brother Ludo, drama and a lot of illicit substances. Now that she’s back in her hometown, Josie wants to reconnect with her old life and have a good time. Even though their breakup was a messy affair, she still shares a strong connection with Sam. She’s known for her epic karaoke performances, no-bullshit attitude and bold fashion statements.